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News: Yesterday (09-14-2009) Jerry van Rooyen has passed away. He was 80 years old. We will miss him deeply.

The Dutch Jazz Orchestra researches and performs orchestral jazz, while concentrating its efforts on music that explores the wider artistic possibilities of the jazz orchestra. Although much neglected, this repertory answers to the highest criteria of musical quality and artistic relevance.

The Dutch Jazz Orchestra looks for its projects to composers and arrangers whose work has been unjustly overlooked, or to material that has remained unknown or forgotten. 

To that end, the orchestra does research: musicological research in archives and repositories at home and abroad, as well as practice-based research by means of rehearsals, concerts and CD-registrations.

The musicians in the Dutch Jazz Orchestra belong to the top of the country.

In addition, the orchestra offers young talent the opportunity to hone their skills in a professional big band. Whenever possible, the orchestra calls upon young musicians to join its ranks for rehearsals and concerts.

In 2001, the orchestra was granted a structural subsidy by the Dutch government.

The Dutch Jazz Orchestra’s work is unique, it has received international praise, and it possesses historic and artistic relevance.

Dutch Jazz Orchestra